We’ve stressed how important it is to work on your roof during the spring and fall. In fall, you’re preparing for the upcoming winter months that are usually the harshest on your roof. In spring, you’re making sure those harsh months didn’t cause any damage. But does that mean you can just sit back and relax all summer? Sadly, it does not. You still requires your roof maintenance, repair and observations during summer, especially as the sun starts shining and those temperatures rise.

Effects Of The Summer Weather On Your Roof

To make sure that you are as informed about the effects of the summer weather on your roof, keep on reading!

High Temperatures

Not shockingly, summer is when your roof will experience the highest temperatures. And if there is no cover to your roof, it is fully exposed to the heat and can take on some damage. The summer temperatures can be absorbed by your roof, especially if it’s a darker shade, and can get your roof to well over 100 degrees, causing your roof to break down at a faster rate than normal.

UV Light

The summer is when the Ultraviolet light is the strongest, and therefore it is when it is most dangerous to your roof as it can hit your roof at its full impact. Even during the days when the clouds cover the sun, your roof can be hit with strong UV exposure, causing damage. The more UV light that shines on your roof, the quicker your roof materials will decay. Eventually, after long periods of exposure, shingles can buckle, wood can crack, and the oils that protect your roof can dry out.

High Humidity

With high humidity, there is even more moisture in the air than usual. And that moisture can create condensation that can often collect underneath the shingles. And we’ve talked about the threat of water damage to your roof before- it can be one of the worst problems, as a foundation with significant water damage must be fully replaced. Not only that, but the moisture can create a breeding ground for mold, which could turn into another health hazard.

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Thermal Shock

While we mentioned the high temperatures that the summer sun usually brings about, the nighttime temperature can drop significantly, especially as the sun goes down. The sudden change of temperatures cause your roof to expand and contract, which leads to the formation of cracks and holes. Because the integrity of the roof structure is constantly changing during this influx of temperatures, it will end up wearing out much quicker than normal.

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These are just a few of the issues your roof will face during the summer months. If you are staying up to date with your roof inspection and maintenance, you’ll have a much better shot at being unaffected by the summer months. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore them entirely. If there’s ever anything you’d like to discuss about your roof, you know who to call!

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