PVC Roofing

Choosing the right roofing materials is one of the most important decisions when building or renovating a property. Many prefer natural materials like wood or slate, but these kinds of roofing systems can be quite expensive.

PVC Roofing

If you need extra durability and strength from your roofing materials, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane roofing is an effective solution for flat roofs. Farha Roofing carries out professional inspections and installs high-quality roofing. We use the finest materials from trusted companies, including GAF and Duro-Last, for PVC roofing so you can rest assured it will stand the test of time.

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The TPO Roofing Products We Proudly Provide

Quality Roofing Products from GAF

Founded in 1886, GAF Materials Corporation has grown to become North America’s largest manufacturer of residential roofing (sold under the GAF-Elk brand) and commercial roofing (sold under the GAF brand)* roofing products. Professional installers have long preferred the rugged, dependable performance that only a GAF roof can offer and have made it the #1-selling brand in North America.

GAF roofing products offer some of the best warranties in the industry, including 10 year, 20 year and 50 year warranties on material defects, and lifetime on installation labor (products vary, lifetime refers to a single homeowner and is non-transferrable).

Farha Roofing is a certified GAF Master Elite residential roofing installer, as well as a Master Commercial Contractor—a designation few Wichita roofing, Kansas City roofing and Denver roofing companies have earned.

*Based on a survey of more than 19,000 property owners served by GAF certified contractors during the last five years.

Johns Manville

Johns Manville manufactures premium-quality insulation, commercial roofing and fibers and nonwovens for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Versico Roofing Systems

As a leading supplier of low-slope roofing products, Versico Roofing Systems has an entire portfolio of products that can accomplish almost any re-roofing project need. There are many considerations to take into account when it comes to the success of any re-roofing project, but there are three critical considerations: Convenience, Value, and Performance.

The PVC Roofing Installation Process

Does your home or business property have a flat roof? TPO roofing is ideal for flat roofs because it cools the area by reflecting UV radiation.

Without the TPO membrane, sunlight falling on the roof will heat the surface. The heat will radiate through the roof deck and into the room below. TPO reduces the effect of sunlight and cooling costs for flat-roofed buildings.

TPO Roofing Material

Farha Roofing provides TPO roofing from the leading manufacturers in the roofing industry, including GAF, Johns Manville, and Versico. You can trust these materials to be long-lasting, energy-efficient, and versatile.

TPO Roofing Installation 

The roofing technician applies a layer of insulation foam to the roof surface and rolls a layer of the TPO membrane. Two roofing elements hold the TPO membrane in place: an adhesive layer between the membrane and the insulation layer and fasteners that screw into the roof deck. TPO roofing installation for a larger commercial roof typically takes longer to install than a PVC roof because TPO is heavier.

TPO Roofing Cost

TPO roofing material is a cost-effective roofing choice, being less expensive than other common synthetic roofing choices, such as ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber. You can save money on roofing without sacrificing quality. We calculate TPO installation costs per square foot. 

Advantages of a PVC Roofing System

Flat roofs are popular choices for industrial real estate, stores, office spaces, and certain architectural styles of residential housing. They have a low profile and allow easy access to the top of the building. However, flat roofs have some drawbacks.

Rain and snow can collect on flat roofs, increasing the risk of leaks and water damage. Fires spread more easily on flat roofs because burning material will not fall off the roof as it would from a sloping surface.

Flat roofs have more exposure to the sun—and asphalt roofs, in particular—can reach blisteringly hot temperatures.

Fortunately, synthetic materials, including PVC, protect against these hazards. You can retain the flat roof style while keeping your property secure. Benefits of PVC roofing include:


Fire Resistance

Water Resistance


Energy Efficiency

Each type of roofing has its set of advantages. If you do not have experience with roofing, you might find it challenging to find the perfect option for your next project. Talk to a Farha Roofing consultant if you have any questions about the benefits of PVC roofing.

The experts at Farha Roofing will take the time to understand your roofing needs and what your home requires to fulfill them. Based on what we know about your existing roofing, the weather conditions in your area, and other factors, we will recommend the right roofing upgrade or replacement for you.

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PVC Roof Cost

The cost of PVC roofing installation is somewhat higher than the cost of TPO roofing.
However, the increased durability offsets the higher PVC roof cost.

If your property is in the path of high winds, storms, or other forms of inclement weather, the added cost of a PVC membrane could be a sound investment for the protection it offers your roofing system.

Certifications & Industry Partnerships

Farha Roofing is proud to be certified by some of the best brands in the industry. We always aim to offer you the highest quality products, and our industry partnerships assist with that.

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When you are serious about bringing out the aesthetic of your roof and preserving it against wear and tear, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Farha Roofing has experience with a variety of roofing systems and materials. We’ll thoroughly inspect your roof and guide you through all options before finding the one that’s perfect for you.

We offer quality, quick installation for commercial and residential roofing projects in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Florida. If you have a property in one of our service areas, call us at the phone numbers listed on our website or use our convenient chat feature to consult with a licensed PVC roofing expert today.

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