The roofing system is your building’s most complex and arguably most important structure. It is what keeps you and your employees safe from the elements and holds the rest of the building together. When commercial roofing repair or replacement is needed, it is important to act quickly so your roof stays strong and your building stays structurally sound.

Unfortunately, the warning signs that your building is in need of commercial roofing repair or replacement are often missed or ignored and by the time the damage is caught, the repairs have become extremely costly. To help you catch the early warning signs of commercial roofing repair, the Farha Roofing team is sharing 5 major, but often missed, signs with you today!

Interior Odors and Other Obvious Signs of Water Damage

Have you ever walked into a building and been hit with an overwhelming musty odor? That is a surefire sign of mold growth in the building, a warning sign of water damage. Other telltale signs of water damage include stains on the walls and sagging ceilings when the damage is really severe. If you notice any of these, you will want to act on the commercial roofing repair requirements quickly.

Increasing Energy Bills

If you have noticed an increase in your monthly energy bills and have ruled out other causes, it may be a sign that you are in need of commercial roofing repair. When air enters the building through the roof via cracks and holes, your HVAC system needs to work twice as hard to regulate the temperature of your building. This can lead to soaring energy costs, but because the problem is invisible it often goes undetected.

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Bubbling and Blistering Surface

Bubbles and blisters can form in your roof’s membrane over time as moisture and air becomes trapped underneath. Just like a blister on your skin, the layer of membrane needs to be removed, the surface of the roof cleaned, and the area repaired. When there are just a few bubbles and blisters present, you may get away with a simple commercial roofing repair, but if the problem is widespread, replacement is likely necessary.

Clogged Drainage

When the guttering and drains on your roof are clogged, this means that water is unable to drain from the surface of your roof. The trapped water can lead to significant water damage to your building, even total roofing collapse if not properly cared for. Protect your roof by keeping your guttering clear of debris and build-up to allow for proper drainage.


You Can’t Remember the Last Time Your Roof Was Replaced

The average commercial roof has a lifespan of 25 years, give or take depending on how well it is cared for of course. If you can’t remember the last time your roof was replaced — or the last time it was even inspected — it is time to call a local roofing specialist to take a look at things. After an inspection, they will be able to tell you the approximate age of the roof and make a recommendation for necessary commercial roofing repair or replacement services.

Whether you already know that your building is in need of a commercial roofing repair or you would like to schedule a free inspection for peace of mind, the Farha Roofing team is here for you. Give our Colorado or Kansas teams a call today to learn more about our services!

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