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Whichever Kansas City you find yourself in, Farha will be ready to assist you with any and all of your roofing needs. We’ve made a name as a high-quality, results-orientated roofing business that focuses on exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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The second city we ever put our boots down in, Kansas City has provided us countless opportunities to showcase what makes Farha Roofing the best roofing business in the country. We’ve tackled hundreds of projects, each with the customer satisfaction guarantee that you’ve come to expect from Farha.

Roofing Contractors Kansas City

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Farha Roofing’s commitment to excellence is just one of the values we bring to Kansas City and any other jobs we may take. We’re going to be on time, professional, on budget, and reliable, so you won’t have to be waiting around, wondering where your contractor is. Whether your job is a commercial, multi-family & residential project, Farha will be here to assist you in every step so you can be confident that your roof is ready to withstand anything the weather throws at it.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

                                 Here are some common questions about Roofing.

Is Routine Maintenance Important?

Your roof needs periodic maintenance as it acts as a barrier against the extreme weather elements and severe sun exposure. In fact, frequent roof inspection and maintenance is a part of most roof warranty contracts. Routine maintenance by our contractors allows us to identify and fix any minor cracks or missing shingles that can result in severe damage if left unattended.

How Often should I inspect my commercial roof?

Commercial roofs are built to be more durable than residential roofs but they aren’t invincible. Dust, debris, collected water, etc can weaken the top layer and expose the underlying layers. Similarly, high speed winds and debris carried during windstorms can etch off the protective layer. So it is advisable to schedule roof inspection in any of these three instances:

  • After a huge storm
  • Before Season change
  • After any natural calamity
How do I choose between roofing materials?

Depending on the roof type, there are a plethora of roofing materials available to choose from. Choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Depending on your budget, there are multiple roofing materials available in each bracket. Certain materials have better longevity than others while other materials have more color options. When consulting us, we can suggest materials based on the following criteria:

  • Project Budget
  • Material Lifespan
  • Appearance
How Hard Is It to Repair a Leaking Roof?

Factors such as source of the leak and the roof’s overall age and condition affect the difficulty of a leaking roof repair. Replacing a few missing shingles can be completed in few hours. However, in case of severe damage to the roof and underlying layers, a roof replacement can take a few days to even weeks depending on the size of roof.

How Can I Tell If My Roof System Has Problems?

Your roof system can be jeopardized by a variety of factors such as:

  • Flashings that have deteriorated
  • Seams that have come undone
  • Interior drywall is discolored or cracked
  • A leaking ceiling
  • Pieces of Asphalt granules in the gutters and surrounding areas
  • Shingles that are rotting, fractured, or missing

These are a few problems that you can spot on your own. For an in-depth analysis book a roof inspection.