Labor Day is just around the corner, which means another summer is coming to a close. While we are sad to see summer go, the Farha Roofing team of residential roofing experts, knows that our clients are certainly happy to be almost done with summer hail storms.

Summer hail storms can wreak havoc on our roofs, sometimes completely invisible havoc that is quietly threatening your entire roofing system. Before fall rain and winter snow comes rolling in, it is so important to get your roof inspected by a professional residential roofing team to ensure that your roof is in good condition and will be able to keep your family safe and dry through the colder seasons.

Below, the residential roofing contractors at Farha Roofing are sharing our guide to your fall residential roof inspection. Keep reading below and don’t forget to schedule your free inspection today!

Farha Roofing’s Guide to Your Fall Residential Roof Inspection

Why is fall a good time for a roof inspection?

Most roofing professionals highly recommend having your roof professionally inspected twice annually with early fall and early spring typically being good times to do so. Fall is a good time for a number of reasons, let’s get into them.

  1. Summer can be particularly harsh on your roof, especially in Denver, Wichita, and Kansas City where the summers are hot, the UV index is high, and hailstorms are prevalent. Choosing to inspect your roof after the extreme summer and before the extreme winter will help ensure that summer damage is detected and repaired before winter rolls around.
  2. Fall is also a good time to do roof repairs because the temperatures have cooled and your residential roofing specialists can safely work on your roof during the daytime, rather than waiting for the sun to set in the evening like we need to in the summer.
  3.  Fall brings routine and consistency that summer and the holiday season lack. Scheduling inspections and subsequent repairs in fall often ensures minimal disruption to your home life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Recommendation: 5 Signs Your Commercial Property Needs a New Roof

What should a professional inspection include?

A professional residential roof inspection must be thorough. It will also be different based on your home’s unique roofing system, but in general a good residential roof inspection will include:

  • Guttering – Your residential roofing contractor should examine the gutters to make sure they are correctly attached to one another and properly moving water away from your home. They should also clear any debris from the gutters to ensure all of the fall leaves have some place to go when they’re ready to come down.
  •  Surface DamageYour roofer needs to inspect the surface of your roof to check for any missing, torn, or punctured shingles. If they find any, they will need to determine whether individual shingles can be replaced or if a total replacement is required.
  • An Attic Inspection Whether you have a full attic or a small crawl space, that needs to be part of the inspection. Your residential roofing expert should look for signs of water damage such as mold and wood rot. They should also check that your attic is properly insulated and ventilated to keep your home warm all winter long.
  • Signs of Water Damage In addition to your attic, your roofer should look for signs of leaks and water damage inside your home. Water stains and discoloration on your ceiling or walls can be indicative of a bigger problem.
  • Flashing The flashing is a main entry point for water and needs to be kept in tip-top shape to keep water out of your home. If your contractor finds any signs of damage, it will likely need to be replaced.
  • Skylights & Chimneys If your home has any skylights or chimneys, these too need to be examined to ensure that they are properly sealed and water doesn’t have a chance of slipping in.


How can I find a residential roofing professional near me?

Finding a residential roofing professional can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be hard! When looking for roofing professionals you should always:

  • Check their licenses and certifications before you allow inspection to take place
  • Research roofers who are members of professional organizations
  • Read reviews and testimonials online to get a better sense of their reputation
  • Ask your friends and neighbors for referrals they may have


What happens if there is damage found during the inspection?

It really depends on the type of damage your residential roofing specialist finds. Some damage might only require a simple repair, while more extensive damage could require total replacement. And if there is any water damage in your home, that might require partnering with an indoor contractor to repair that damage too.

Either way, you can expect a professional residential roofing contractor to provide you with a quote, financing options, information on how they can work with your insurance, and a custom game plan just for you.

Roofing damage is never fun to deal with, but delaying an inspection won’t make it any less stressful, in fact it will only make it worse. Schedule your fall roof inspection with your local residential roofing professional today. And to all our Denver, Kansas City, and Wichita residents, give Farha Team a call and we’ll get you set up with a free inspection!

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