You don’t just want to keep a roof over your head, you want to keep a well maintained roof over your head. It’s true April showers bring May flowers, but in a lot of areas April showers are more like April strong wind gusts, hail, torrential rain, and thunderstorms bring May troubles with leaking roofs. If your roof is old right now is a great time to make sure you have repairs done, or get it replaced before storm season is in full swing. However, if you have a roof that is still in its prime you want to make sure you maintain your roof. Here are some ways to keep your roof in top shape.

Trim Back Tree Limbs

You don’t think about it, but tree limbs can cause a lot of damage to your roof and shingles. Tree limbs rubbing on your roof can cause scratches if you have a metal roof, or if you have an asphalt roof, the limb could cause a hole. If larger limbs fall on your roof that can also cause dented shingles, or it can knock shingles loose.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters do so much for your roof and home. Their job is to take excess water from the roof to the downspouts and away from your home’s foundation. If your gutters are full of debris then the water won’t have anywhere to go and can pool on your roof. This can cause issues, especially in winter months when ice dams could possibly form. 

Make Repairs Right Away

If you have damage to your roof, not getting it repaired can cause more damage to your home. The smallest leak, if left untreated, can compromise your walls and ceilings, and also increase your energy costs depending on the amount and type of damage. Not making necessary repairs on time can also cause issues with an insurance claim when it’s time to replace your roof.

Remove Snow

Although snow is fun to play in, you’re probably not making snow angels up on your roof. When snow sits on your roof, especially a heavy amount of snow, it can lead to the possibility of roof collapse. Also, going back to clean gutters, if your gutters aren’t clean as the snow melts, it won’t have anywhere to go and can pool on your roof or cause ice dams.

Keeping your roof well maintained can help with lifespan, lowering energy costs, preventing structural damage to your home, and also increasing the value of your home. When you take care of your roof, your home is less susceptible to leaks, foundation damage, and water damage. The integrity of your roof can also be appealing to potential buyers. 

Farha has your roof covered. From installing new roofs to repairing the damage we will be there every step of the way with you so you will be confident in your roof.  We offer inspection services, repair and leak services, and roof replacement. We are certified by some of the best brands in the industry and offer the highest quality products. Call us today if you want to schedule an inspection.