Picture this – you’re sitting at home on a Friday night, unwinding after a long week, and all of the sudden you hear a little pitter patter coming from the ceiling. You look up in horror, knowing it is not Santa and his reindeer, but an uninvited houseguest – a critter has made itself at home in your residential roofing

When this situation occurs, it is likely your first instinct is to panic and, maybe, so is your second. Many homeowners don’t know who to call or where to begin when this occurs, but it is very common and the Farha team is here for you. Our residential roofing contractors is sharing our advice for dealing with these uninvited houseguests below!

 – Dealing With Uninvited Houseguests

Unfortunately, when critters decide to invade your attic, there isn’t usually a quick fix. There are, however, a series of 5 steps you will need to follow.

Call a residential roofing repair specialist and pest control

Do not try to handle this on your own! Anything involving your roof is best left to a professional, but that is even more important when pests are involved. Your residential roofing team and pest control experts can partner together to create a unique plan for your home.


Get rid of the houseguests

Once your residential roofing specialists have identified where and how the critters are getting in, they can work with pest control to identify what type of critters they are dealing with and devise a treatment plan accordingly. Squirrels, mice, and other critters will all require different treatment methods. Your residential roofing specialist and pest control team will work together to ensure that methods used do not inflict additional damage to your property or create a dangerous environment for your family.

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Clean your roof, attic, and/or ceiling

Once every last pest is gone, it is time for your residential roofing team to get to work. They will need to assess damage to the roofing structure and attic and make all necessary repairs. The amount of damage will likely vary by type of critter and the amount of time elapsed before you noticed the visitors. They will also assist in cleaning waste and other toxic materials left behind by the critters.

Repair and close the points of entry

Once damage to the roofing system is fixed, your residential roofing team will then need to repair and close the points of entry. Points of entry are most often missing or cracked shingles and often an easy fix!

 Prevent this from happening in the future

They say prevention is the best medicine and when it comes to critter this is exceedingly true! Prevent this from becoming a problem again by scheduling regular inspections with your residential roofing specialists (Roofing Contractors Denver). They will be able to spot damage or entry points early on, before there is a little critter family living above your family!

We don’t often like to think about pests invading our homes, but the Farha Roofing team sees it every day! Whether you think there may be some uninvited guests in your roof or you would like to prevent that from happening, our team is here for you. Give us a call to learn more about our services today!


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