The temperatures are dropping, the days are shorter, and winter is in fact coming. You’re likely testing your snowblower, buying new winter boots, and repairing holes in your worn out gloves, but have you had your residential roofing specialist out for an inspection yet?

Preparing your roof for winter is extremely vital for the health and longevity of your home’s roofing structure. After all, the tough ice, snow, and winds we see across Denver and Kansas can cause serious damage to our homes. In order to best protect our property, we must go into the season with our roof in tip-top shape.

The clock is ticking, but there is still time to get your winter roof ready. Read below for the steps the Farha Roofing team recommends you take as soon as possible in order to winterize your roof.

Schedule Your Bi-Annual Inspection

If you haven’t had a residential roofing specialist come to inspect your property this fall, now is the time! Thanks to the heat, strong sunlight, and seasonal hailstorms, summer can be tough on our roofs. Scheduling an inspection with a residential roofing specialist every fall will allow you to catch damage early and repair it before a full blown replacement becomes necessary.

If you haven’t scheduled your seasonal inspection yet, call the Farha Roofing team today to ensure it is completed before the winter snowfall really picks up.

Take Care of Necessary Repairs

If your residential roofing specialist finds any necessary repairs during the above mentioned seasonal inspection, you will want to act on these repairs quickly. The cooler months, unpredictable weather, and shorter days that winter brings can pose difficulties for your residential roofing specialist. The sooner you allow your multi-family roofing contractor to fix the repairs, the fewer obstacles they will have to work around and the quicker your repairs will be finished.

It is also important to remember that acting on repairs as soon as you notice them will likely lead to a less expensive repair process and help preserve the longevity of your roof.

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Clean Out Your Gutters and Drainpipes


As the last of the leaves fall from trees, you’re likely taking a rake to yard every weekend to clean up. What you might be forgetting however, is your gutters and drainpipes. When leaves fall from the trees in autumn, they often settle in our gutters and drainpipes. Sometimes invisible to the eye, they might be overlooked.

When we leave them there this can cause many risks to your property. First, the clogged drains allow for pooling water on your roof and possibly damage to your foundation as water is not able to flow away from your home properly. Second, the leaves trap moisture which can then lead to mold and wood rot. Stop these easily preventable problems before they start by cleaning out your gutters and drainpipes this year.

Trim Low Hanging Branches

 Tree branches that are too close to your home’s roof pose a serious threat to your roof all year round, but that threat is exacerbated in the winter. Heavy snow and ice that has settled on the branches can cause them to snap under the weight. If the branches are too close to your roof when they snap, they are likely to puncture your roof when they come crashing down.

Take a walk around your house and check for any tree branches that seem like they might be encroaching on your roof. Work with a professional tree trimmer to take down these branches before they cause any damage.

Act Now!

The best thing you can do to protect your property is acting now. Many of the areas we serve have already seen freezing temperatures and snowfall this year and the clock is ticking. In just a few short weeks winter will be here and you will wish you you had taken action sooner.

Don’t delay any further. If you are still need of your seasonal roof inspection or any repairs, call the Farha Roofing team to schedule with a residential roofing specialist today. And also contact Roofing contractors Wichita.

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