One of the telltale signs that you’re having roof problems is a leak. It is noticeable and can be the first thing you see that gives you a clue that your roof is having issues. Knowing you have a roof leak is usually very easy to spot, in the forms of water spots on your ceiling. However, sometimes those roof leaks don’t make themselves known until it’s too late. You definitely do not want water damage to the interior of your property, so take a quick read at the potential signs of a leaks!

  1. Spots in the Interior

We mentioned this in the intro but it’s worth repeating. Those (usually) brown stains in the shape of puddles forming on your ceiling or walls is the clearest sign that your roof has a leak. They are more obvious in the center or out in the open, but corners and alcoves should be monitored regularly to make sure there are no issues.

  1. Curling Roof Shingles

Another, maybe obvious, way to see if your roof is leaking is by actually going up to look at the roof! We’d always recommend having a professional roofer take a look, but if your roof is leaking, it has to be getting into your home somehow. A likely culprit is a curled or cracked shingle, which could be letting rain or snow through your roof and into your building.

  1. Wall Growths on the Exterior

Checking the walls of the outside of your home can also be a good way to tell if there are any water-damage possibilities. Things like mold, fungi, or moss tend to thrive in damp conditions, which could mean you have a leak. If these are popping up in spots of your home that typically get a lot of sunlight, there’s a good chance there is a leak somewhere on your roof.

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  1. Wet or Rusty Pipes

If you’ve noticed that any of your pipes have gotten rusty or feel wet to the touch, there’s a chance you have a roof leaks problem. Usually, this can be a quick fix as it’s typically caused by your pipes not being properly sealed, but it is still something you should be aware of as well to make sure there aren’t any other, more serious problems.

  1. Drips

We started at an obvious one, and we’ll end with an obvious one as well. This is what you typically see in movies when there’s a roof leak. Buckets scattered throughout the floor, making sure to catch any drops of water that fall from the ceiling. If you notice that, you’ll want to call a professional roofer as soon as you get the chance to make sure that problem is stopped before it can worsen.

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These are just a few of the signs that your roof has a leak. As we always say, you will want to stop minor problems with your roof before they become major issues, and leak is at the top of the list. At the first sign of a roof leak, we will always recommend calling a professional roofer so that you can have the confidence that your roof leak is properly taken care of.


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