Although we over here at Farha Roofing always recommend getting an inspection to have a professional roofer take a look at your commercial roof, sometimes the building will show you the signs that you might need some commercial roof repair. And by knowing these signs that your building is showing you, you can prevent small issues from becoming major problems. Because these signs can save you time and money on your commercial roof, we wanted to talk about 7 signs your commercial roof might need repair!

  1. Moisture Problems

Moisture in your roof is never something you want to take lightly. A water damaged roof can cause severe problems to your commercial building’s environmental controls. If you’re noticing water stains on your ceilings, unusually high humidity, or more than the normal insect and rodent problems, that’s a strong indicator that you may have water in your roof, soaking into the insulation.

  1. Climbing Energy Bills

If you’ve been noticing your energy bills increasing in the past few months, that could be a sign that your commercial roof has lost some of reflectivity. Without the reflectivity of your commercial roof, the sunshine can get through to your building, forcing your air conditioning system to work even harder to make sure the temperature stays comfortable.

  1. Bubbles

Bubbles that you see in your roof are usually the effect from moisture problems. They can be a clear indicator that your roof may be having problems. The more bubbles you see on your roof, the less time you have to act, so make sure to call a professional roofer to take a look and assess your roof at the first sign of bubbles.

  1. Sagging

If it looks like your roof is starting to sag, it could be an indicator that there is ponding or other problems to your roof. This ponding could have compressed the roof’s insulation. Or a roof deck joist could be damaged. Either way, if you’re seeing sagging in your roof, you’ll want to act quickly to make sure it does not fully cave in, causing major problems.

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  1. Open Seams

An open seam on your roof is an invitation to water to seep through. Anytime there is a failure of the chemicals or fastenings that hold the seams together, you will need to get that fixed immediately. We’ve mentioned it several times, but the amount of moisture in your roof can be the difference between a quick repair and a full replacement.

  1. Clogged Drains

If, during the next rain storm, you’re not seeing the same amount of water coming out your downspout as is on your roof, there’s a chance that your drains are clogged. And clogged drains mean that there’s nowhere for the water to travel off your roof. And you know how we feel about water on your commercial roof by now!

  1. Flimsy Flashing

If there are any gaps in your flashing or there’s anything missing, you’re going to want to get a professional roofer on your roof as soon as possible. Because, you guessed it, that could invite water into your building.


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There are plenty of other signs that could mean repairs for your commercial roof, but these are a few of the most common signs. As we started this, the easiest way to know if there’s anything needed for your roof is to give a call to a professional to make sure everything’s looking good. But if you’re seeing any of the above on your roof, make sure you act quickly to keep those small repairs small!

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