A new roof will provide your home and loved ones with years of protection, and give your home a facelift improving its curb appeal. The first step in getting your roof replaced is to call your local roofing experts at Farha Roofing. Once your project is scheduled, you can follow these steps to help your roofing project go smoothly. Your project manager from Farha will have a more detailed list of what you can do to prepare your home for a new roof before the project starts.


1.  Park your vehicles away from your home. Having your driveway and garage cleared of vehicles and other obstructions is important in keeping roofing debris from falling on your car.

2.  Get the inside of your home ready for the project. While this might seem like an odd request, during your roof installation the construction will send small vibrations down the walls causing items not secured to the wall to fall off. Make sure all loose hanging pictures, sculptures, electronics, etc. are removed from walls and shelving.

3.  Protect your yard and patio furniture. Our roofing experts take precautions to protect your landscaping, yard, and furniture from damage, but depending on the complexity of the project, preventing damage can be challenging. Let us know about any special instructions about your landscaping, make sure pools are covered, sprinkler systems are turned off, and all outdoor valuables are away from your home or under shelter. This also helps with cleanup.

4.  Mow your yard if possible. Speaking of cleaning up, our roller magnet retrieves nails from the yard more efficiently when the grass is short. Making sure your grass is mowed before your project starts will help us clean up more efficiently.

5.  Make sure pets are secured. The loud noises from getting a new roof can cause high anxiety in pets, especially dogs. Make sure your animals are secured away from the job site during construction.

6.  Put a tarp down in the attic and under skylights. Sometimes during roof construction, small debris can fall into the attic space or in your home if replacing a skylight. Putting a tarp down can help keep the debris easy to clean up after the project is completed.

7.  Contact your satellite provider. During your roof installation, your satellite dish will need to be removed or relocated. Typically when it is reinstalled it also needs to be reprogrammed. Before your project begins, make sure to contact your provider and tell them about getting a new roof so they can relocate your dish.

8.  Make sure there is access to a power source. At Farha, our roofing crews are mostly self-sufficient and use gas powered air compressors. However, electricity may be needed if your decking is being replaced. You can talk to your project manager about the best power source for our roofers to use.

9.  Be safe. One of our most important core values is safety for our roofers and our customers. If you are home while your project is underway, we ask that you keep a safe distance from the job site. If you are entering or exiting your home try to take the most direct path, and be aware of what is around you. Let a worker know if you are walking through the job site, and always wear shoes when walking through. 


At Farha, we rise above the rest to ensure your project is completed on time, and with the highest level of craftsmanship. We work hard to exceed expectations for every customer, and this checklist helps us keep your roof installation going quickly and efficiently. If you think you need a new roof, or if you want to update your home’s curb appeal, give us a call today. We offer free inspections, and are here for you in all your roofing needs.

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