If you asked me about it, there’s really only one question you need to ask before you hire a roofer: do they work for Farha Roofing? But, with all the options out there for your roofing needs, I’m sure you want to do a deep dive into the reliability of any potential roofing company. And because we’ve all been in a spot where all of the questions we once had slip our mind in the moment, we wanted to share with you a list of 10 questions to ask before hiring a roofing contractor.


  1. Where are you based and how long have you been there?

You don’t want to operate with a fly-by roofer, only there because they’re chasing a storm- that could lead to poor workmanship and no one to call when you have problems. Asking where the roofer is based and how long they’ve been there is a good way to tell if they’ll be there to help with any follow up roofing needs and how established they are in the community.

  1. Do you have insurance coverage?

Any reliable roofer will have insurance to help protect you and your property from accidental damage. This is also a good way to tell if the company will be trustworthy.

  1. Do you offer additional warranty and workmanship coverage?

The more coverage for your roofing project, the better. There are a lot of variables that can come about with a roofing job, so knowing that your roofer is ready to handle any of the problems that could come their way is very useful.

  1. Will you explain the warranty?

Almost everyone has been here before- signing a warranty that you don’t know all the details of just because it is called a warranty. Roof warranties can be very different from company to company, so you’ll want to sit down with your roofer to learn just what is and isn’t covered. The roofer should also be able to tell you who should be called with each problem, so you aren’t left on hold, hoping someone will help.

  1. Which roofing materials will you use?

Not all roofing materials are made equal! Asking your roofer about the materials they will use is a good way to see the connections they have in the industry, which could help you save money, and to make sure that your roofer only uses the most reliable materials. You can also talk about the difference of the types of materials, like asphalt, solar, and more, to see what best suits your roofing needs.

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  1. Do you perform inspections?

Almost all roofers will perform inspections, but you will want to make sure that whatever roofer you hire is ready to do a thorough walk-through for your roof to assess the damages, any problem areas, and what needs to be done to make sure your roof is ready to protect you.

  1. Will there be a written estimate?

After the inspection (that your reliable roofer should definitely be doing!), make sure you will get a written estimate to see the projected costs for your roofing job. One thing to confirm is how long the estimate is good for, as the price can change very quickly. This estimate will give you a rundown of labor, materials, and any jobs that need to be contracted out.

  1. Could you give a list of references?

The references are something that a lot of people skip, but they can be the most important part! You want to make sure that your roofer is trustworthy, and who better to ask than someone who’s had them work on their roof before! They can let you know what to expect, if there is anything to be worried about, and so much more. You’ll also be able to see the work they’ve done and how it compares to the other roofers in the area.

  1. Will you follow the local building codes?

Obviously, any reliable roofer will know and comply with all the local building codes, but it is still good to ask- that way, you can be familiar with the building codes as well.

  1. Will you explain how my roofing system works?

You want the best roofer in the area, and that roofer should be able to explain every part of your roof and how they work together. They should also be able to answer any questions you may have, quell any worry that may be there, and give you the peace of mind that your roof will be ready to protect for years to come.

At Farha Roofing, we’d be happy to answer any of these questions as we know our roofing work speaks for itself. Make sure you are going through these questions with any potential roofer that you may hire so that you can be sure that they are local, reliable, trustworthy, and ready to help you with anything you need for your roof!


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