The leaves have started to change, apple cider is in the crockpot, and spooky movies are on every channel. Fall is officially here and before you get too far into the festivities, as your residential roofing specialist it is the Farha Roofing team’s job remind you to start preparing your home for the new season.



In order to ensure the health and longevity of your roof, there are a few action items that you need to take as a homeowner every fall. Keep reading below for the recommendations from the residential roofing specialist of Denver, Kansas City, and Wichita.


Action Items for Preparing Your Home for Fall


Preparing Your Home for Fall


Schedule a Professional Inspection

First and foremost, if you have not yet completed your annual roofing inspection with your residential roofing specialist. Reach out to the team at Farha Roofing or the experts in your area to do so. Fall tends to be a particularly busy season for roofers as clients scramble to make repairs before winter. You’ll want to schedule your inspection as soon as possible in order to ensure any necessary repairs are completed prior to the first snowfall.


Remove Debris

As leaves begin to fall from their branches, they will accumulate on top of your roof. Leaves, pine cones, and needles all trapped moisture which can lead to rot and mold on your roof as they breakdown on the roofing material. To avoid any potential problems, ask your multi-family roofing specialist if debris removal is included in their annual inspection.


Clean Out Gutters

When fallen leaves and other debris collect in your guttering, it can clog the spouts. When this happens, it prevents water from flowing properly away from your home, causing it to overflow and damage your roof, trim, and even your siding.

Keep your gutters clean throughout the fall, regularly inspecting and cleaning them out as leaves come down. When the trees are finally completely bare you will want to hire a residential roofing specialist to thoroughly clean your gutters and repair any gutter damage before winter.


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Trim Nearby Trees

If you notice any tree limbs or branches that have grown and are now protruding out over your roof. You will want to schedule an appointment with your residential roofing specialist for removal. When tree limbs and branches are left protruding over your roof. You run the risk that a branch could fall on your roof, puncturing a hole in the material. This risk is exacerbated in the winter months when snow and ice accumulations on tree limbs increase the likelihood that a branch may snap under the added weight.


Check the Attic, Insulation, and Ventilation

While your residential roofing specialist is performing their inspection, they should check the insulation in your attic to ensure that it is still keeping the heat in. When heat escapes from your attic it can melt the ice and snow on your roof. Which may then refreeze overnight. When this happens it may create ice dams that compromise the structural integrity of your roof. Ensuring that insulation is correctly installed will prevent this from happening, protecting your roof from damage and saving you money.

Proper ventilation is also important in the cooler months. When an attic is not properly ventilated it can trap moisture in the attic which increases the risk of water damage, mold, and wood rot.

With a new season comes a lot of excitement, but also a lot of responsibility for homeowners. Protect your biggest investment by working with a seasoned residential roofing specialist to ensure that your home is ready for the change in weather.


Preparing Your Home for Fall


If you still need to schedule your fall roofing inspection, the Farha Roofing team is here to help. Give our roofing companies Denver, Kansas City, or Wichita experts a call to make your appointment today!

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