2019 Free Roof for a Veteran

Congratulations to Tim Witek for being chosen to receive the Farha Roofing Free Roof for a Veteran this year! Tim served in the Air Force from 1979-1985. Tim was an enlisted crew member who performed electronic data separation aboard the EC-135 Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft (ARIA) during missile and spacecraft launches for the Department of Defense, NASA, and other agencies.

As part of his duties, Tim performed pre-mission calibrations, in-flight verification checks and actual telemetry data receptions on various projects including, but not limited to, the Space Shuttle, Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM), and Pershing II missions. Tim also served as an airborne and classroom instructor on the ARIA Electronic Data Separation System. In addition, he developed, wrote, assembled, and taught courses for the maintenance and operation of all components of the Data Separation Console.

It was during Tim’s service that 21 people, servicemen, two spouses, and a civilian contractor crashed during a test flight on the AGAR 23 in Walkersville, Maryland. Although Tim was not on the flight, he has been actively involved in the memorials for this brave group of people who lost their lives and is passionate about keeping their memory alive.

We’re honored to have Tim as the 2019 recipient of the Free Roof for a Veteran giveaway.