There are burgers on the grill, trays of fresh watermelon on the table, and children swimming in pools across America — it is almost the 4th of July! While you are likely excited for this year’s socially distanced neighborhood BBQ and carefully planning your family’s contribution, it is also important to consider the potential dangers of the holiday we see as a roofing company.

The last thing we want at Farha Roofing is to be a buzzkill, but our main priority is ensuring our clients are informed about the dangers of fireworks and their roofs. Knowledge is power and knowing the ins and outs of 4th of July roof safety will help you have a safe and fun holiday. Even if you are not planning on setting off fireworks yourself, you never know what your neighbors are planning and it is important be prepared.

Below you will find a few tips from our roofing company to ensure a festive 4th of July!


Clean Out Your Gutters

Fallen leaves and debris tend to collect in your gutters and can easily catch on fire if a firework spark lands on your roof. This risk is easily mitigated by having a roofing company clean out your gutters before the holiday.


Repair Any Damage

Before the 4th of July, you should consider having a roofing company inspect your property and check for any missing or damaged shingles. If the roofing felt paper below your shingles is exposed it can easily catch fire from a wayward spark. Replace any missing or broken shingles before the 4th to offset this hazard.

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Trim Tree Limbs

As any roofing company will tell you, it is important to trim low hanging tree branches to prevent punctures and damage from fallen limbs. However, around the 4th of July it is even more imperative to make sure your low hanging tree limbs are trimmed. If a low hanging tree limb is hit with a rogue firework it may catch fire and spread to the nearby roof.

Spray Down Your Roof

If you are going to be in town on the 4th of July consider spraying your roof down with your hose. The water from the hose may help prevent stray fireworks from starting a fire and doing so will in no way harm your roof.

Chat With Your Neighbors

Ask your neighbors what their plans are for the 4th of July. If they plan on setting off fireworks it is important to know ahead of time so you can prepare. You should also look out for each other and should you notice any signs of fire, work as neighborhood team to act quickly.

Do Not Climb

It can be tempting to climb on your roof to better see fireworks in the distance, but as a roofing company, the team at Farha Roofing advises against this. Climbing on your roof can be extremely dangerous and should you slip and fall you may sustain serious injuries. Stay safe and watch the firework show from the ground this 4th of July!

At Farha Roofing, we know that the 4th of July is many of our client’s favorite holiday! Enjoy the day, but practice roof safety to prevent the day from turning into your least favorite holiday. And last but not least, please always remember to observe the laws and regulations of your community in regards to fireworks!

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