Farha Roofing Testimonials

Our commercial and residential roofing customers are happy to talk about the superior service they've received from Farha Roofing. Find out what everyone is talking about by reading the testimonials and watching the videos below!

Wink Hartman, Ink Construction

Janelle Longwell, Homeowner

Bill Landis, The Hillcrest

Schane Gross, The Anchor

Josh Turner, Key Management

November 17, 2014

Farha Roofing,

We are very pleased with the quality of work in the re-roofing of our house. First of all was choosing a company to do the work. Joe Earnest was by far the most knowledgable of the contractors that we met with. A very fair price and a prompt start date was great. The installers were all friendly and courteous and kept the work site clean. Most of all, Joe was on-site monitoring the progress and keeping us informed of the process. Joe managed this job well from the start to finish. Our roof looks amazing! Thanks to Joe and team for a job well done!

Bob and Janet Schurwanz

November 14, 2014

Farha Roofing,

Good job! Sam Ludwig was helpful, informative and pleasant to work with. Crew was polite, cleaned up well, and worked quickly. Sam also arranged gutter installation which was also well done. Very happy with the work — looks great!

Robert Pecchioni



November 13, 2014

Farha Roofing,

Excellent work! Would ask for Sam & Carlos' crew to do any future necessary work!

Thank you!

Marsha Needham

November 2, 2014

Joe did a good job of seeing the job was done to my satisfaction.

Robert Dick

August 29, 2014


Farha Roofing,

Excellent experience. Prompt, quality work at a reasonable price. Graham was a pleasure to work with! Professional, knowlegabe and very easy to communicate with.

Joyce Stewart


August 22, 2014


Farha Roofing,

Pleased with the job. Joe Earnest is an asset to your company. He does such a thorough job and is so very pleasant!

Rena Woodard


July 16, 2014


Farha Roofing,

We have had such a positive experience with Farha Roofing. Graham was helpful from the beginning, starting with insurance and follow through to the completion of the work. We will provide high recommendations for Farha. We feel blessed to have had such a positive experience and a renewed faith in customer service.

Kalynn Blum


May 14, 2014


Farha Roofing,

We were very happy with Joe, the crew was very professional and courteous. Great experience from start to finish!

Mike Esslinger


April 19, 2014


Mr. Trae Staats,

We wanted to let you know of our experience with Graham Hobson, who our realtor Dee McCallum recommended Farha Roofing to come look at the roof so we did.

Graham from the very start was courteous, helpful and much to our suprise on his first visit took a ladder and a caulking gun and said he was going to glue down some shingles he noticed. After that he mentioned we should contact the insurance company which we did.

Our insurance adjuster said he is is adding Graham and Farha to his referral list. I sent that note to Graham.

In the meantime Graham showed a very caring attitude; he brought roof samples which were hard to decide from because they were so small so he went one step further and took some photos of homes done by your company he then continued to bring actual shingles to see the true color, and he did this on a weekend even though we knew he didn't work that day and has a young family at home. For him to do that told us he not only cared about the customers, he is also dedicated to his job.

You are fortunate to have such a person as Graham, when we were on our way home on Tuesday 15th about 5:00pm Graham called and said when you turn down your street go slow. My first instinct was why? What happened, he said the roof is so striking it will blow you away, it did, he took several pictures of our roof to show future customers. Our Realtor even called him to say how good it was.

Also, the gutter company, Air Capital Guttering, did an outstanding job. Mike and his crew were fast and efficient.

Please let Graham know about our letter to your. We think letting an employee know about positive feedback gives them an incentive to continue.

Again, we thank you and Graham and the crew he chose to do the job. All were outstanding.


Richard & Shirley



March 20, 2014


Farha Roofing,

We were very pleased with the work done and especially the project management skills of Sam Ludwig. This was a very easy process for us and we didn't have to think twice about the quality of service provided by any of the workmen.

Thank you!

Samantha Corcoran


March 1, 2014


Farha Roofing,

We appreciated the on-site visits by Andy during the work and no loud music or foul language by the work crew.

Ralph Kistner


February 26, 2014


I was very pleased with the attention, communication and professionalism displayed by Graham Hobson as project manager. The installation was completed with diligence, and I can recommend Farha Roofing without reservation.

Ron Wells


January 29, 2014


Farha Roofing,

We are so pleased with the remodeling/repairs made to our home. Joe did a superb job assessing work needed, materials to use and coordinating the work — always with our convenience in mind. We got into some chilly weather and the guys just went beyond to finish ASAP. Thank you SO much for the great service!!

Tina Floyd


January 21, 2014


Farha Roofing,

Thanks so much! The guys who worked here were GREAT!

Kacie Budd


January 13, 2014


Farha Roofing,

Joe was a pleasure to work with. He kept us updated as the work progressed and paid special attention to the details of the job such as painting the window trim, (which he did himself).

We are very pleased with the final result.

Thank you!

Bruce Brinkman


November 18, 2013


Farha Roofing,

I appreciate the great work and the finished job. Sam was professional and a pleasure to work with.

William Johnson


November 18, 2013


Ben and James,

Thank you so much for the outstanding job installing my gutters. You came highly recommended by Annette Oleson and you did not disappoint. I will be recommending your services to anyone and everyone who is willing to stand still long enough for me to talk about gutters with :-)

Thank you to everyone for the great work,

Alisa DePontier

P.S. Now it can rain :-)




Farha Roofing,

I couldn''t be happier with the job Farha did with my roof. It looks fantastic! A special thanks to D. Carlson for the extra help he gave me when my wood repairman failed to show up. D. went above and beyond to get the job done!!


Thomas Carney




Erin & All,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work!!! We are very happy with our house!!

Pop's, Kim and Renae Grenier




Dear Mr. Farha,

I am writing to tell you my house was hit by the storm early summer and sustained severe damage. I met several contractors to take care of the project, and my choice was Farha Roofing. Mr. Carlson, project manager influenced my decision with his pleasant character, knowledge, experience and communications skills and made me lean toward your company. I laid out my needs to Mr. Carlson and in a professional way he explained and covered all aspects of the project and put our concerns to rest. We are well pleased with the work done under his supervision.

Mr. Carlson made a difference because he is well-versed in his line of project management. I consider Farha Roofing and construction a professional organization to work with, their material quality reasonable prices, and finish perfection put them on the top. I highly recommend Farha Roofing services.

Omar Mahmassani




To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation concerning Farha Roofing because of the outstanding job they did for us here at Southfield Apartments. We are an apartment complex in Wichita, Kansas, with 27 apartment buildings. In the spring of 2012 there was a tornado that came through our area, and we received damage to all 27 roofs. I called Farha Roofing the night of the tornado, and they met me at the apartment complex that night! They were able to start assessing the roofs that very evening to determine how to limit our damage from any rain that would occur next.

The next day, Farha Roofing met our insurance adjuster at the complex and handled everything flawlessly from there. They were able to negotiate a settlement with our insurance adjuster that made sure our roofs were going to be repaired properly. The speed at which they did all of this was superb. They were able to get the roofs on all 27 of our buildings either replaced or permanently repaired within two weeks, which was two weeks faster than the next company said they could do it, all without any major disturbances to the tenants. I have not found many other roofing contractors with Farha Roofing’s insurance negotiation skills. I would recommend Farha Roofing to family, friends and colleagues because of their quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and their superior customer service.

Adam Steiner-Southfield Apartments LLC
Owner/Operator 316-651-0008




Farha Roofing:

Thanks for working with us. The roof looks GREAT! We’ve gotten lots of compliments and have passed your name along.

Thanks Again,
Steve & Patty Clark




Farha Roofing, Inc:

We would like to thank you and your staff for the great experience we had in working with you. We appreciate that you were able to handle the negotiations and correspondence with our insurance company to take care of our roof claim as well as other needed repairs from storm damage. Your crew was very professional with the setup, repairs and cleanup. We will definitely recommend Farha Roofing to our family and friends.

Mark and Janelle Longwell




Dear Sirs: We wanted to tell you how delighted we are with our new roof. It truly is the best looking one in Augusta. It’s the first thing we look at as we drive in our driveway.

We just wanted to express our appreciation for the excellent service provided to us. The professionalism and ability of the crew far exceeded our expectations. We were very pleased.

Such commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that we will recommend your company to anyone needing your services.

Phil and Sammi Drew




Dear Sirs:

Recently Jason Smith and his crew completed roofing my house, and I wanted to comment on their work. Never have I gone through this experience before and didn’t know what to expect. Jason worked with the insurance company until they agreed to cover the costs needed to perform the job. He kept me in the loop as things progressed and although the process seemed slow to me, Jason was there helping and answering questions every step of the way.

The crew came to start the job, and again, they exceeded my expectations. They were happy, polite, and friendly and it was obvious that they have an exceptional work ethic. They did an excellent job, and were very good to explain what they were doing and to be careful in certain areas of the yard while they were working. There was no loud music and no loud talking or cursing throughout the entire project.

You have a valuable crew who worked hard, did an excellent job and were verbally supportive of the company, the bosses and of doing the job well. Your company’s reputation is made even more exceptional due to the great work and attitude of Jason, Luis, and the crew. I couldn’t be more pleased!!!

Diana Thomi