We will make the roofing insurance claims process as easy as possible.


1). By contacting Farha Roofing, you have taken the first step in the roofing Insurance claims process.


2). When Farha Roofing puts together the assessment, we will differentiate which damage is from wear and tear and which damage is from the recent hail storm. We also will inspect other items on your property that may have been damaged from the hail such as gutters, AC units, windows, and screens. By choosing Farha Roofing you have selected a roofing contractor with a good reputation in the event additional work needs to be completed.


3). File the claim with your insurance company. When you call and speak with a representative, give them the date the damage occurred and offer to send over the pictures you have as well as the estimate from Farha Roofing.


4). After you have filed the roofing insurance claim, you will be contacted about meeting with the adjuster. If possible, have a representative from Farha Roofing come out to meet with the adjuster so they can compare notes. Once the adjuster has spoken with Farha Roofing, they will provide you with the settlement amount at that time, or they may have to review the notes further.


5). If you have received a check for the actual cash value portion of your roofing insurance claim, complete the work as soon as possible. After the work has been completed, Farha Roofing will invoice your insurance company for the depreciation and any supplements. After the insurance company has reviewed Farha Roofing’s invoice, the remaining funds will be released to you.


6). Once you are 100% satisfied, send your final payment to Farha Roofing at our corporate office at 1627 S Hillside St, Wichita, KS 67211.


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