I write this as I stare out the window at the falling snow. Winter has made its way to Colorado. And whether you’ve got a Denver roof, an Eads roof, a Durango roof, any roof, there are some things you need to know as the temperature continues to drop. With every winter comes a set of special issues for your roof, which can leave you frantically searching for a professional Colorado roofer if you are not prepared. But have no fear, Farha Roofing is here to help you prepare your Colorado roof for anything winter has. Take a look at some of the most common roofing problems you’ll experience this Colorado winter.


Snow Leaks

Water damage is one of the biggest issues that can come from your roof. It not only ruins the foundation of the roof but can wreak havoc on the interior of your home as well. As we all know in Colorado, the sun shines bright during the day. And that sunshine can melt the snow sitting on your roof. If there’s a leak, that melting snow will find its way through the crack and into your home.


Winter Winds

The winds that come with a heavy snowstorm in Colorado can cause some significant damage to your roof’s structure. These high-speed winds are known to rip shingles off, which can leave your home exposed to the cold. This is especially true with an older roof because the shingles are usually looser or could have small issues, which can be caught by the wind and made into big problems.


Heavy Snow

As I touched on in regard to leaks, snow sitting on your roof can be a big problem. And while this problem isn’t as common as a leak, it’s still something you should definitely be aware of for your Colorado roof. After a very heavy snowfall, your roof will have excess weight on it that it isn’t used to. If the weight becomes too much, your roof could collapse, leaving you without the protection it provides from the elements.


Ice Dams

If you aren’t familiar with an ice dam, it’s a problem that occurs when the snow melts down to the gutter and then re-freezes. With the gutter system blocked, the melting snow has no path off your roof. But that snow will still find somewhere to go, and that will most likely be through your roof and into your home. Ice dams are especially probable when the gutter system is clogged to begin with.


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The more maintained your Colorado roof is, the better chance it will have against the harsh weather that winter brings. A professional roofer, like the good folks at Farha Roofing, would be more than happy to come in and make sure that your roof is prepared to protect in any condition, repairing any small issues that can become major problems when the weather turns for the worst. An older roof that hasn’t been inspected in a while is going to have a much higher chance of leaks and collapsing under the heavy snow. And we would never wish that upon anyone. That’s why Farha always offers free inspections to make sure that your roof is ready! Let’s make sure winter is the coziest it’s ever been.

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